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    Art in the RaumFabrik Durlach

    Art has been part of the overall RaumFabrik Durlach concept from the very beginning and plays a major role in its external appearance. On the one hand, the spacious area offers an ideal exhibition platform for renowned regional artists, on the other hand, it provides a creative ambience for tenants and their employees, visitors and passers-by. 

    In the outdoor area, the RaumFabrik Durlach becomes an open-air museum accessible to all, with more than 20 exhibits, primarily through sculptures (including Werner Pokorny, Claus D. Moor, David D. Lauer) and the large-format murals by the artists’ association Plakat Wand Kunst. 


    • Prof. David D. Lauer
    • Claus-D. Moor 
    • Prof. Werner Pokorny 
    • Holger Walter

    Art of Plakat Wand Kunst e.V. (Bill Board Art, registered organization): 

    • Bleckmann, Gundula – „Teserakt (4dW) in der Wirtschaft“
    • Brand Scheffel, Sabine – „Cushion“ 
    • Braxmaier, Rainer – „Wohltemperiertes Klavier”
    • Guth, Didier – „Carrefour 1“
    • Jung, Walter – „Schwamm plus”
    • Lau, Andreas – „Anonym-Bildstörung”, „L`Age d`Or”
    • Roesz, Germain – „Dite territoires nomads” 
    • Schaeuble, Eva – „Das grüne Leuchten“ 
    • Schmidt, Werner – „Die Freiheit trägt kein weißes Hemd“
    • Schneider, Jost – „Die feine Linie“
    • Streile, Gabi – „Zitronen“
    • Ulrich, Angela – „Wald”
    • Villaume, Sylvie – „Un ange passe“ 
    • Wetter, Helmut – „Akt auf Rot“ 
    • Zimmermann, Jürgen – „Reflect what you are”, „Prometheus”

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