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    The RaumFabrik Durlach originated from the historic PFAFF sewing machine factory. Ten local investors took over the industrial wasteland in its original state in 2001 and developed it into an innovative industrial park in the heart of Durlach. 

    • 1872 Foundation of the Gritzner machine factory. 
    • 1955 A major fire destroys most of the factory.
    • 1956 Inauguration of the new building by the architects Backhaus & Brosinski. 
    • 1957 G.M. Pfaff AG Kaiserslautern takes over the machine factory Gritzner-Kayser.
    • 1955 Construction of the current landmark of RaumFabrik Durlach: “Das Kesselhaus” (the boiler house) with the Pfaff chimney.
    • 1999 Pfaff Industriemaschinen AG files for insolvency. 
    • 2001 Amendment of the development plan. Ten local businessmen buy the former industrial area of the Pfaff company with the aim of restoring a piece of home. The first tenants move into the business premises, which were largely being reconstructed.
    • 2006 The largest reconstruction measures are completed. 50 companies with around 1,200 employees have moved showcasing the successful RaumFabrik Durlach concept. 
    • 2008 In November, RaumFabrik Durlach receives a new entrance. An innovative, transparent building is created at Gate 1, which houses, among other things, the conference room of RaumFabrik Durlach.
    • 2008 A further 1,800 m² of office space is created in the Kesselhaus.
    • 2009 The area is expanded to approx. 50,000 m² through the purchase of the opposite business properties (area B), formerly
    • 2012 Additional space is created in area B, attic extension building 53 – 61 with approx. 2,200 m². 
    • 2013 Further areas are created in area A by roof extension building 33a-c with approx. 3,500 m². 
    • 2014 Further areas are created in area A, new building KUBUS 33b approx. 1,500 m² and roof extension Building 34, approx. 1,100 m².
    • 2016 Further areas are created in area A, roof extension building 31, approx. 850 m².
    • 2016 Further areas are created in area B, building A+B+C+D, approx. 20,000 m², a multi-storey car park with 155 spaces and an underground car park with 250 spaces, completion July 2019.
    • 2018 Move into the new building, building 30, area A with approx. 1,900 m².
    • 2018 Connection to the district heating network of Stadtwerke Karlsruhe. 
    • 2018 Move into new building, building A approx. 6,500 m². 
    • 2019 Move into the new buildings B, C and D with a total of approx. 13,200 m².
    • 2020 Completion of the outdoor facilities in area B and final completion of the construction measures on approximately 80,000 m².
      80 companies representing 3,000 employees now reside in the successfully developed RaumFabrik Durlach.
    • 2021 Opening of WorkSpace1, the first business center at the RaumFabrik Durlach.
    • 2021 Opening of WorkSpace2, the second business center.

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